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  • Ariix Business Opportunity

    Ariix Business Opportunity
    The phenomenal growth potential of ariix is set to explode over the next decade.

    No other network marketing company re-unites all the essential parameters for massive success. Ariix truly has it all.

    The formula for getting rich remains a mystery to most people; yet, it is extremely simple: leverage and passive income.

    What does passive income mean?

    Sometimes, the best way to define a noun is by defining its antonym. The antonym of passive income is active income.

    Active income is the type of income generated by a surgeon, a lawyer or a truck driver. Every dime earned by a surgeon necessitates his physical presence.

    A lawyer cannot earn money while on vacation. He must be physically present to represent his client. A truck driver does not get paid; unless, he is behind the wheel.

    The problem with active income is that every man has only 24hours in a day. Time places a limiting factor on the earning potential of the most highly paid professional.

    In contrast, your physical presence is not required in order to earn a passive income. This means that you can keep earning money indefinitely without any further effort.

    However, a passive income source does not magically come into being. You must actively put in the effort, at least once.

    Imagine owning a chain of hotels or several apartment buildings across town. You only have to work once to acquire the capital to buy these assets.

    A chain of hotels or apartment complexes will require huge capital. Getting your hands on such capital is extremely difficult.

    Blogging is a good example of a passive income asset that is within everybody’s reach.

    You can set up a blog and monetize it with ‘Google Adsense’ or some other Ad network and earn money indefinitely from that blog.

    Here is the attribute of passive income that you should remember!

    You put in the effort once, but keep earning money indefinitely from that passive-income-asset. Your continued physical presence is not required to keep earning money.

    What is leverage?

    Leverage is an indispensable tool in building wealth. A lever is any tool that allows you to multiply your effort.

    This is precisely what leverage does. It allows you to multiply your effort.

    You can use leverage to multiply just about anything. You can use leverage to multiply your investment money, your time, other people’s experience, other people’s efforts and even other people’s ideas.

    Let us look at a concrete example.
    Suppose you wanted to buy an apartment rental which requires a down payment of $100,000. Suppose you are Joe Average and can only save $10,000 in a year.

    You will need 10years to save the money for the down payment. By using the power of leverage, you can borrow at 90% and make the down payment in one year.

    Isn’t that brilliant?

    Every single rich guy on the planet uses leverage. Leverage is a cornerstone of Donald Trump’s strategy. Use it!

    The Ariix Gold Mine
    Ariix is a network marketing business that allows you to create both leverage and a passive income stream.

    Can you become a multi-millionaire within 5years through the Ariix network?

    Yes, definitely! Ariix is that good. They have great products, a great management team, patented compensation plan and a solid infrastructure.

    At the same time, I am not going to sit here and tell you that the multi-level marketing industry is a walk in the park.

    On the contrary, the multi-level marketing industry is hard. VERY HARD!

    It has a failure rate of 96%. Most people who get into network marketing fail. Most people fail without making a single sale.

    Yes, multi-level marketing is SALES. It is about selling products. If you can’t sell, you have no business getting into network marketing.

    If you are looking for an easy ride, network marketing is not for you.

    There is the widespread belief that network marketing is a pyramid scheme. This belief has given network marketing a bad reputation. However, this belief is not the main source of network marketing’s bad reputation.

    The main source of network marketing’s bad reputation is the dishonest tactics of some distributors.

    There are many distributors in this industry, who should really be motivational speakers. These guys will get you all excited and emotionally jacked up on the belief that easy millions are just around the corner.

    Well, the business does not work that way. If you need any proof, look at the failure rate.

    Motivation or enthusiasm plays no role in network marketing success. None, Nada, Zilch!

    The requirements for success in network marketing are communication skills and consistent self-discipline.

    You must be able to explain the ingenuity of network marketing in simple terms to prospects. In addition, there is no substitute for persistence.

    Selling is a numbers game. You will get more ‘No’s’ than you will get ‘Yes’s’. Initially, you might have to present the products in front of hundreds of people to get one yes. As your communication skills improve, you might only need to present your product to a dozen people to get a Yes.
    No matter how honed, your communication skills become, selling will always remain a numbers game. More people will say No than they will say Yes.

    Here is a small secret that is not emphasized enough in network marketing training programs.

    Success in network marketing is always based in real life relationships. If you can’t convince your immediate family members and closest friends to use these products, you will not be able to convince complete strangers.

    That is the raw truth of network marketing.

    Ariix offers a wide range of products for everybody. The ‘reviive’ product line for example offers toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash products.

    Do you know anyone who doesn’t use these products every month? Exactly!!!

    Imagine buying products which you are going to buy anyway, but this time, getting paid for it. Off course, you’ll only get paid for it, if you convince someone else to use the products.

    All over the world, people are making millions in the network marketing industry. It’s high time to get yourself some piece of the action.

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